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  1. High Lifter Mud Nats 2019

    High Lifter Products
    Mud Trails. Live Concerts Every Night. Racing Competitions. Food. Camping. Vendors...the list goes on! 2019 will be bigger than ever when High Lifter brings Mud Nationals to Hillarosa ATV Park in Blevins, Arkansas March 27th-31st. Hillarosa is currently making many new improvements to their park...
  2. Riding Adventures Today Series

    ATV Media
    I posted a bit about this in the intro threads but I think I can just update this thread here from now on. We have filmed half a dozen riding adventures over the summer and fall and will be releasing them as we edit them all together. These video adventures highlight the trail systems, points...
  3. Alternatives to GoPro

    Around The Garage
    Been looking into a video camera to record my trail riding just wondering if anyone has any other options besides a GoPro. There kinda expensive for what you get hoping to find something with around 10mp, built in microphone, zoom preferably and waterproof of course
  4. Where to ride in CO

    ATV New Members
    I just got my first atv a few weeks ago, and now I need somewhere to ride and some people to ride with!! I'm in Colorado Springs, colorado. Need help!!!!
  5. South Florida!

    ATV Trails
    River Ranch and Big Cypress are probably the best parks. But in the town of cutler bay, localy there are only like 3 places to ride, the damn, the hump, squares, and the hills. but anywhere south of homestead your pretty much fine, you can ride wherever you want! cops dont really care. :top:
  6. Any Riding events?

    Hey Guys I live in the Albuquerque and i was wondering if there was any events to come out and ride tav's with other enthusiasts. I usually ride around in my grandparents ranch with my friend but he doesn't have a tav and is too pussy to buy one. SO if anybody knows of anything please let me...
  7. Legal Places to Ride

    Community Help
    It sure would be nice if there were a dedicated section for "Legal Places to Ride" organized by regions or states. I am sure that there are enough members that would be interested in this topic. Adding information about camping and riding would be a plus. This would encourage riders to travel...
  8. Coal Creek or Brimstone Riding in TN

    ATV Trails
    Trying to choose between the two for a weekend of riding. I'm driving from Alabama so I want the best there is....Anyone that visited either I would appreciate some comments and/or recommendations! PROs??? CONS??? Thanks... Will be riding a 850XP EPS and a Razor S...