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  1. Rigid LED Flood Light purchase question

    ATV General Discussion
    Hi All, I am looking on getting a pair of Rigid D-Series Flood lights for my Sportsman. Any input from experience? Any other brands as good quality? Thanks LJ
  2. New LEDs all over!

    ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I just finished wiring up a new rigid 10" LED light bar onto my front bumper, along with adding blue Polaris made under glow from the new kits they have. I will be replacing the pod light with a rigid 6" LED as well this week! Pics to come.. Curious to see how everything holds up on the trail!
  3. Hi Everyone! Vision X or Rigid industries

    ATV New Members
    Hi Everyone, Ok I did it I joined the forums(about time)! What do you like better for lighting and why? Vision X or Rigid Industries