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  1. Fuel Gauge Mod

    ATV Performance Modifications
    Hi everyone.. new to the forum, but have received countless help browsing the past few years.. My question is...and I have searched for days now (and I apologize if it has already been covered)...I know it has been asked...but this is more of a possible answer... I have an 03 sportsman without...
  2. New Fuel Sender for late 2004 Sportsman 500HO

    ATV Performance Modifications
    I have a brand new fuel sender for a late 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO, basically the same sender for 2004.5 and later I paid some 70+ for it, not including shipping, got it here started to take off the body parts to replace and found a pinched wire, fixed it and my sender works just fine...