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  1. ATV New Members
    Bought a used scrambler 850 came with busted snorkel , not needed anyway. Took the heads off but still have the rest connected running towards the back end of quad. Once I take the snorkel out do I need to cap anything ? Or once I take it out that’s the end of that ? New here and to atv ...
  2. Polaris Sportsman
    I’m looking to do the radiator relocation as well as add a snorkel kit to my base 850 however I don’t like the looks of the snorkels being off to the sides. Does anyone know of any kids for radiator as well as snorkels that go together where I can center them up on my quad?
  3. ATV Performance Modifications
    Looking to relocate my radaiator and add a snorkel kit to my 05 sportsman 800 twin efi. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. ATV Performance Modifications
    Alright I have done a few older 850s before and they worked out fine. But on my personal 2013 850 there is no proper way from what I'm seeing that will work efficiently. I am at a stand still and baffled at all the junk they have on this air box. Anyone have any pictures of their snorkel...
1-4 of 4 Results