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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I bit the bullet and bought a new speedo for my 2000 Magnum 500. After new cam, wheel and axle bearings, front axles and all fluids and filters why not? Rather than bypass wiring I plugged the new one in and instant AWD working again. My 2000 Magnum has very low miles now lol (1). In this...
  2. ATV General Discussion
    on the 2002 sportsman 700 I’m trying to stop the speedo plastics from shaking. They move around a lot and by the looks of it the bolts are tight. What is causing this?
  3. ATV General Discussion
    Hello, my speedo stays on whenever I shut the key off, even when I shut off the handlebar switch. The screen with the key on is perfectly normal, if I turn off the key it says hdlbr and stays on. Please Help.. Thanks in advance.
  4. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all, I have done numerous research on this forum but could not find anything with the same issues I have. Everything works on my speedo other than the needle itself and the miles. AWD does work. I was riding the quad and my speedo needle began to jump from 0-10. I put it in reverse and...
  5. Polaris Sportsman
    I recently purchased a 2000 6 pulse speedo that says 325 magnum on the back, does anyone know if it will work on my 1999 sportsman 500, I just got a good deal on it and it looks exactly like the ones that are selling on ebay for 359.00 and I would hate to have to resell it, thanks.
  6. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have 2002 Scrambler 500cc 4x4. How do you know if your Rev Limiter hs gone bad? And if so, how can you test it? A couple things I noticed to lead me to think it is bad; Just the "N" light appears; no high beam indicator appears when the hi beams are on; and 4X4 does not work when I put it in...
  7. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Quick question to all the pros out there. When I flip my switch from 2x4 into AWD, the light is not indicated on the speedo display as it should be. all other lights and functions are working on speedo. Besides my bike being stuck in AWD all the time... hopefully thats a sep issue. Just...
  8. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    when i turn the key to on the speedo goes 30 mph, then when i start it it goes round and round slowly===if the speedo moves to fast the engine dies?? seems to run fine, and the 4x4 quits intermintent or nothing at all.. do i just change the speedo or is something else??
  9. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Greetings, this may have been answered since the machine is 6 years old already, but I don't know what all the parts may be called for a thourough search of the forums so here goes. My machine starts and runs fine. However, the speedometer, tac, guages, and 4x4 switch do not work. I have no...
1-9 of 9 Results