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  1. ATV General Discussion
    22 sportsman 450. Stalled out after riding for 10 mins. Couldn't figure out why until I went to check plug. The wire popped off. Putting it back I noticed it didn't give that noticeable "click" a plug wire does. Anyone with this issue? Any idea what's going on here? Seems fine now but I don't...
  2. Polaris Highlifter
    What are everyone’s thoughts on the 2021 Sportsman Highlifter 850s. I found one that I like but not quite ready to pull the trigger until I hear some opinions. Thanks!
  3. ATVs For Sale
    Got a ‘99 Polaris Sportsman 455 Diesel 4x4 for sale bike run fine and doesn’t smoke. As far as I can tell it needs the small red lever that goes under the speedometer that I believe would be a manual fuel shut off. I got the bike on a few weeks ago on a trade and am looking to sale it. If...
  4. 450

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hope I'm doing this right. I have a 2017 450 ho. It doesn't have the take off power wants to die on me (will fire right back up) also wants to back fire Alitalia on me aswell. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate.. Thanks
  5. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I was pulling off the body panels etc. from my 1995 Sportsman 400 to do some troubleshooting and tinkering when I found this mystery tube that I cannot ID. What is this?!? It is on the right side, just in front of the gas tank, and right behind the radiator tank. See pictures. It looks kinda...
  6. Polaris Sportsman
    Please help! My '04 sportsman 500 was hooked up to a battery charger that may have had the clamps reinstalled on the wrong polarity/leads (+ put on the - wire and - put on the + wire). I tried to charge the battery and heard the clicking, then discovered battery was bad anyway. Got a new battery...
  7. Polaris Sportsman
    I recently purchased a 2021 Sportsman 450 EPs. I have a buddy that does some motorcycle riding between our 2 towns about 10 miles apart. Do you believe my machine to be capable and reliable to do this trip repeatably?
  8. ATV New Members
    Hello, so I'm new to most things atvs and recently got a 2003 sportsman. When I bought it I drove it around and turned it off and on again. Now it doesn't want to start, it has power and will crank but nothing. I've made sure of the kill switch, it's getting gas, I replaced the spark plugs and...
  9. Polaris Sportsman
    2011 Polaris Sportsman 850xp eps front problem...while driving, sound like something is going on in the front, feel like the machine is forcing bad . No light or warning on the display... 2011 Polaris Sportsman 850xp eps front problem - YouTube
  10. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I'm trying to figure out how to check the codes on a 2013 Polaris sportsman 400. I have it in my shed just trying to repair it and bring it back to normal and I'm trying to figure out how to do the codes to make sure I have it all. It runs, it drives. I just wanted to see if it had any.
  11. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    G'day All, Have picked up a sportsman 500, believe it to be the 2007 deluxe efi model. Having trouble getting power to the fuel pump and injector and was wondering if there is any way to test the ECU and PDM before buying new. Ideally want to hear the motor running to know if its worth...
  12. ATV General Discussion
    The side panels on my sportsman are way off, like the body line is off, the front plastics seem to high but are positioned perfect. Could the side panels have shrunk or anything, I have provided pics for show.
  13. ATV General Discussion
    How hard is it to replace a stator backer plate on a 2002 sportsman 700? Will I need new seals? I just need the bendix bushing but I’d it better to replace the backer plate?
  14. ATV General Discussion
    Does anyone know the size of the nut on the bottom of the ball joint? Like thread size so I can find one at Lowe’s? Mine is stripped and I have a new strut on the way but the nut is missing.
  15. ATV General Discussion
    My 2002 sportsman 700 has new ball joints and I did a 2 inch lift to stop my outlaw 1 27s from rubbing. It put the ball joins at such an angle the plate that holds them in came loose. The threads won’t go in and I don't know how to fix it. The back had a nice angle too but I lower it down with...
  16. ATV General Discussion
    My 2002 sportsman 700 tachometer all of a sudden says zero. I believe it could be due to no flywheel magnets because they fell out (I have an RMStator) can someone confirm this? And where would be a good place to find a flywheel online?
  17. ATV General Discussion
    What are some little tweaks or mods I can make while I have the rear plastic off of my 2002 sportsman 700?
  18. ATV General Discussion
    I got a new flywheel for my 02 sportsman 700 because my magnets came out. The new flywheel is one from the ac to dc upgrade kit. The flywheel I got hit the stator bolts. Can I get a new stator for that flywheel and splice the wires? Or where can I find the new clip in magnets? thanks in advance
  19. Polaris Sportsman
    I have an 04 sportsman 500 that I've replaced the battery, starter solenoid, pick-up coil rectifier, and ignition coil. I just replaced the ignition coil hooked the battery up and it still wont turn over, however it sound like the starter is working faster than normal trying to turn over...any...
  20. ATV General Discussion
    My 2002 Sportsman 700 feels low on power.. when it is run for a while and is warm it will pop twice out of the exhaust. It has a small drip of gas on the carburetor drain. Please help.. thanks in advance
1-20 of 23 Results