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  1. 2005 sportsman 400 “hot check engine”

    Polaris Sportsman
    Can anyone help with this issue. I turn on the atv and right away the error message appears on the gage. My fan kicks on right away, And when I turn off the atv my fan stays on for some time so now I have had to disconnect the battery so the fan turns off. A few things happen before this issue...
  2. Throttle cuttting out at 1/2

    ATV New Members
    2005 sportsman 400: So you guys have been very helpful in fixing my problems the last time. I have one more thing going on. Bike starts and runs great but when riding and giving it more than half throttle it cuts out like it’s hitting rev limiter. I unplugged the Speedo and it does the same...
  3. 2005 sportman 400 check engine HOT and shooting antifreeze

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So i just bought a 2005 polaris sportman 400 and took it out on a trial for the first time. Its was doing really good for a long time. Right about 40 miles into my ride the check engine HOT light came on and i looked down, and there was anti freeze shooting out of the little hole on the cap of...