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  1. Sprocket ratio change for front and rear on xplorer 400

    Polaris Xplorer and Xpedition
    Hello, so I'm trying to change the gear ratio for more low-end power. installed larger tires and i run the machine in low 75% of the time. For the rear, I can drop a tooth in the front and or go up a few on the rear axle. But what about the front, to keep the same ratio front and rear. Has...
  2. Polaris scrambler 500- chain or sprocket prob??

    Polaris Scrambler
    So i have a 2005 polaris scrambler 4X4 HO. I have recently been riding when i started feeling my chain jump or skip.... I couldn't ride more than 2 meters without the chain slipping/jumping and me losing all power. My chain is fairly loose and also skips when i put the bike into gear. I hoped...
  3. OPT answers sprocket problem!!!

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Common problem on these chain driven models. Either the sprocket tooth hits the washer and bushing or if you can get past that sometimes you can't get the sprocket through the hole.. This is because over the years the tranny can shift around to where the shaft isn't perfectly centered in the...
  4. 1996 xpress 300 need rear brake bulkhead bearing part number

    ATV New Members
    hello, I have been lurking around here for some time and have found a lot of answers here, much appreciated. But I have been unable to find a Polaris or aftermarket bearing part # for the gearcase output shaft/bulkhead that goes to the rear brake assembly. This is the same shaft that the front...
  5. Xplorer 300 Rear Sprocket

    ATV General Discussion
    I am new to this site and have a question. I am replacing the rear sprocket on my 1998 Xplorer 300 and have hit a snag. I tried removing the bolts holding the sprocket on and found that the bolt head is round and is recessed in a round hole. Either something is broke/wrong or I am missing...
  6. chain adjustment problem

    Polaris Scrambler
    i have a 04 scrambler 500 and i've had this problem for a while now and its starting to piss me off. Whenever it is in neutral or reverse the chain is really really loose. But once i put it in high, its extremely tight. This makes it really hard to adjust because when adjusting it needs to be...