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  1. Polaris Magnum 425 starter problems

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Good evening, I have a problem and I need advice from wiser heads. I had a problem with the starter on my 95 magnum 425. Pulled the original starter and took it apart. Found one brush broken and the other worn all the way down. Looking online for a new brush kit, found a brand-new...
  2. 550 XP whine

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Let the fun begin!! So this past weekend had my 550 out helping a buddy on the farm all is well, then I went to take my 2 yo for a quick ride and noticed a new noise. It is a whine that directly relates to engine rpm doesn't matter if bike is in P,N,R,H or L, appears to be comming from primary...
  3. 850 XP touring squeal

    Polaris XP
    I have a 2011 850 XP touring. Since almost new, I have been getting a squealing noise when driving up hill or under any kind of load between 5-20 mph. Faster than 20mph it goes away. It is under warrenty and I have had it in 4 times. 1st time, cannot duplicate, 2nd time, new belt and clutch...