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  1. 1996 trail boss steering stem

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Was out this weekend and blew a tire, when it went I slammed a stump on my 96 trail boss 250. Noticed the steering frog on the stem is torqued so my tires face outward and my bars face the right. I was wondering if any other years steering columns would fit my year. Also curious if there’s any...
  2. 2015 Sportsman steering issues

    ATV General Discussion
    I brought my 2015 sportsman 850 home 2 weeks ago. Going through all the normal break in procedures, with an occasional open throttle and wheelie here and there. I noticed that the handle bars had some play in them and eventually when I would turn side to side I would get an awful knocking...
  3. 1996-1998 Trail Boss 250 steering shaft

    ATV Parts Wanted
    Needed 96-98 trail boss 250 steering shaft. Can be used but in good/straight condition. Let me know price with shipping and please send a pic. 17038 zip code. Thanks!
  4. strange noise

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hello all, My 2006 450 is making a strange noise when I turn the handle bars or when I press down on the front rack comoressing the shocks. It is a screaching/squeeky noise. I have noticed that it is also getting harder to turn the handle bars and steer while im riding. Anyone have any ideas...
  5. Help please!

    Polaris Outlaw
    So im flying thru a field in wheelie and needless to say my buddy wrecks into me... Well my left tire is bent out and the sterming stem connecter hits off the upper a arm bolt . So im lost i dont know what to get and need adavice if possible ill take pics tomorrow and show you what i mean...
  6. Blocking front wheel

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hi, I have a problem which I am sure someone here knows how to fix it. On my Sportsman 500 1998, not always but sometime, shifting from reverse to forward (doesn't matter if it's high or low), my front right wheel really pulls toward the right. At this point, it's either that I work very hard...
  7. Vibrations in the steering

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hi everyone, this is my first post here! I just bought my first ATV, a Sportsman 500 1998, but I have a problem. When I drive, I get big vibrations in the steering, like if one of my rims was quite bended. But, I have brand new wheels and tires! I have done theses things: Jacked the from of...
  8. Steering pivot bearing

    ATV New Members
    I bought an 03 trailblazer 250 about a week ago for what I feel was a good deal even though it needed minor things, it is my first four wheeler, but I can't find out where to get or exactly what to get for the upper steering pivot point, the lower one where the tie rods are is fine, it is the...
  9. Lubrication - Steering Column

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Is there a way to lubricate the steering column on a 2011 Polaris Sportsman XP 550? My steering has become pretty stiff @ 60 hours. Was thinking there might be a Zerk Fitting somewhere for the column, but can't find one. Thanks, Chris Dunn
  10. 2002 trailblazer oil injection question

    Polaris Trail Blazer
    i just got a deal on this quad. excellent body and runs great. have rode it about 2 hours and cant tell if the oil pump is working. cant notice the oil level going down any. also the gas switch was on reserve? how can i tell if the oil pump is working? the oil tank is almost full now. the...
  11. Discontinued ball joint???

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I'm trying to replace a lower "ball joint" on an "88 4x4 trail boss, and I can't find a replacement part. Polaris says that they no longer have the part available and I've checked with Parts Unlimited and the listing that they have for this particular model is incorrect. The part looks like a...