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  1. If I sunk/swamped my ATV can I drive it home?

    ATV General Discussion
    If I sunk my ATV and was able to get it running again can I ride it home if I looked in the oil and it was milky / emulsified? on stock machines does the water enter mainly from the intake? Easy riding? ok.? Dont even try.. pure friction? Dont worry about it ? but change it when you get back...
  2. Swamped 800 Touring

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I fell off in a hole and went over the front rack. Air box was filled and combustion chambers were filled. I blew them out, WD40'd them and vacuumed them out. Oil looks to not have water but am going to drain, refill and repeat a few times. I tried to turn over and it sounded like something...