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  1. Polaris Sportsman 570
    Hello all, I own a 2021 Polaris sportsman 570 utility it is one that has a single tail light. I was wondering if anyone has done the sawp to the 2 tail lights version that are is higher up 570 trims? if not is the wiring already pre existing to put in the 2 tail lights? 1st attachment with...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Looking for some help on where the fuses are located or things to check. I have a 1999 sportsman 500 the low beams and tail and brake light doesn't work. High beam does if it was the switch wouldn't the tail light still work? Thanks!
  3. Polaris Sportsman
    Before I ask, I'm sure this has been beat up but I cannot find my answer after much searching. I have a 2004.5 500HO with a 1157 taillight lamp. I'm trying to save some power for accessories by changing it to LED. I tried a simple replacement 1157 LED lamp but it isn't working. Do I need a...
  4. ATV New Members
    hi, I have a 2010 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. and I am trying to add a few extra tail lights, brake lights and wire it up so i can plug my trailer lights in and they work right as well. I have found a few things about it being a pos. ground but am having a hard time understanding.
  5. ATV New Members
    I've been reading some threads for a bit and have gained great info. Now I have a question re: reverse/work lights for 2010 Sportsman. Will the tail lights from a 2008 Sportsman fit a 2010??? The 2008's have the clear lens section and the 2010's do not. I would like to install reverse lights...
1-5 of 5 Results