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  1. Polaris Trail Boss
    Newbie here. First time so be gentle. Oil cooler fan and light is on all the time. Checked thermistor and it has unusually high readings>264k ohms at 70 degrees. Service manual states over 50K shows open. Trying to find replacement 4010934 and Polaris has discontinued it. They recommend a...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    My symptoms are that on my 06 sportsman 450 when it's completely cold that the fan runs anytime the key is turned and has drained the battery (possibly indicating it's running when the key is not on?) When it is started, it immediately has the HOT indicator (and blinking speedometer hand) comes...
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Could someone give me specific instructions on how to locate the fan circuit breaker? The fan has not been running so I disconnected the thermistor wire and the fan still didn't some on. I would like to check the fan circuit breaker but I can't find it. I would also like to konw how to test the...
1-3 of 3 Results