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  1. ATV New Members
    New guy here, wanted to say hey. Been doing a lot of mods to my 2013 scrambler 850 HO. I'll be posting pics and questions on it soon. Thanks guys! ??
  2. Polaris Phoenix
    I bought an '05 Phoenix for my daughter used... Got it cheap as it wasn't running. Now it runs like a champ, but there's a couple things I learned the hard way. This thread is for those Tips . . . . 1. Don't charge your battery with an automotive charger unless you disconnect the battery...
  3. Polaris Predator
    I'd first like to say hello to everyone as I just joined this forum and recently joined the predator’s owners club! The only issue is the engine is blown in mine and has a big hole in the crank case. Also I have a bent valve and the bottom end is junk. Luckily I found a 2004 engine that's...