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  1. 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Opinions

    RV / Toy Hauler / Camping
    I see several folks on here have some nice 5th wheel toy haulers. Anybody car to give me your opinion on your rig? My wife and I want to move up in the next two years, and I'm having a tough time narrowing down the list. There a so many brands and models. I'm thinking 38-42 feet and my wife...
  2. 3 ATV's to haul? No Problem

    RV / Toy Hauler / Camping
    It's everything you've been looking for. This renovated and customized toyhauler combines the comforts of home with supersized hauling capacity. The living area features new furniture with two recliners and sofa and lots of natural light from the large windows. This rolling home sleeps up to 8...
  3. Colorado ATV trails and Fishing with RV Hookup

    ATV Trails
    I live between Boulder and Denver and wanted to ask if anyone knows of a place with RV hookup that has ATV trails and good fishing. I have a Toy Hauler that I'd like to park and simply ride to the trails from instead of having to load my truck with the ATV. I'd also like to find a campground...
  4. Hauling setup opinion

    RV / Toy Hauler / Camping
    Fellow riders, I am looking for some advice from those that may have encountered this "problem" before. I currently own two Sportsman's (2011 550 and a 2006 700) and am trying to decide how I want to haul them around for camping. It seems like fitting two full-size quads in most haulers is...