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  1. 2000 Trail Boss 325 wont start

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello all, I have a 2000 trail boss i rode for a year. it ran very rich (plug black and exhaust smelled of gasoline) once it got warmed up the engine would bogue down or hesitate after 1/2 throttle. It would shut it down on its own eventually and was unable to restart it again. i would wait a...
  2. How to adjust the drive chain!

    Polaris Trail Boss
    I have looked and looked for info on how to adjust that sloppy drive chain. I thought that people were saying to slide the rear axle to tighten it. It doesn't slide! I misunderstood. It rotates! I figured it out finally! So I hope to help enlighten people about it...with pictures! It seems that...
  3. Finally! bought a late 90's Trail Boss 325.. Need Help please

    Polaris Trail Boss
    HI Guys... I have been lurking on this forum for quite sometime awaiting my uncle to sell me his BAD TO THE BONE Trail Boss 325. I finally got it last night. I have several Honda, Suzuki and Kawi Quads, but this is the first Polaris I have owned. I am honestly unsure of the exact year model...
  4. first post of many, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    First off I'd like to thank anyone in advance for your help and ideas. I just purchased a used 2001 Trail Boss 325. I drove it in the desert behind my house a dozen times so far, no longer than 5-15 minutes each time. The other day I rode it out of the garage and it was bogging really bad. I...