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trail boss 330

  1. trail boss 330 carb

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    i have a 1997 trail boss, and i’m looking to buy a new carb, but the only ones i can find are for 2003-2012. does anyone know if one of those will work, or where i can find one that will work?
  2. Electrical issues Trail BOSS 330

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    hi. im having electrical problems with my 04 Trail boss 330 the battery voltage drops dramaticaly when RPM rises...... resulting in the battery not charging. idle volt: 14.5v when revving: ca 9v and lately the ATV has started backfiring like crazy... could this be a faulty CDI box? any...
  3. 03 Trail Boss 330 Performance Mods

    Polaris Trail Boss
    So, I want to increase the take off power and acceleration. Normally, this could be done by changing sprocket sizes. I've read that ideal sprocket ratios for an ATV is between 3.0 & 4.0 but closer to 3.0 So, since factory 11/40 is 3.63 (which is pretty low geared already) would I really benefit...
  4. Magnum 330- Mikuni BST34- Pilot Screw Setting?

    ATV New Members
    Hello, I own a 2004 Magnum 330 4x4, and love it. Originally I have been a 'lurker' for the last couple of years, reviewing threads and scraping information that I needed from questions/answers posted before me. I joined a few months ago and plan on being a more active member. I am on several...
  5. 2007 TB 330 - Service and Information Help

    Polaris Trail Boss
    I bought 6 (Yes, 6) 2007 Polaris 330 Trail Bosses. They were used for a guided tours business but had been sitting in a storage facility lot for about 2 years. I already have the seats being replaced. Plastics are still good. I also have the service side of things covered as far as changing...
  6. 05 trailboss 330 help!!!

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    OK Im new to the Polaris. I picked up a Polaris 330 Trail boss from my neighbor for free but it was not running. It ran 3 years ago and has not been started since. I have worked on Raptors before so I did the basics: New carb rebuild kit for model specified with stock jets. Pumped old gas...
  7. '03 TB 330, my intro to atvs....

    Polaris Trail Boss
    2003 Trail Boss 330 Project I just started on the tune-up kit that came with the TB. Trans fluid, spark plug, air filter, fuel filter changed. Waiting on new oil cooler hoses to change the oil (they're leaking underneath). I started taking off the panels to see what I can access, and to...
  8. 2003 trail boss bogs down

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello all, I just got a 2003 trail boss 330 the other day, today when i took her out she was running GREAT for a couple hours, im very happy with this quad!! That being said i did encounter a little problem. toward the end of my ride she started bogging down and backfiring (bad) if i got on...
  9. 2009 Polaris Trail Boss 330

    Specifications Engine • Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke • Starter: Electric / Pull • Engine Type: Single-Cylinder • Displacement (cc): 329 • Cylinders: 1 • Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 Transmission • Reverse: Yes • Transmission Type: Continuously Variable (CVT) • Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Chain...