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trailblazzer 250
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  1. ATV Brakes & Suspension
    Okay so this summer I put a 1982 Honda cb750 motorcycle motor in my 02 trailblazer 250 frame because it just wasn't fast enough. I have got in all built now but the only thing I am working on is carb issues. Anyways, since this motor and the frame supports I did are so heavy the shocks are...
  2. Polaris Trail Blazer
    i have a trailblazer 250 it sat for a month. then i got it back out it ran for a while but then it started to almost die out i would be riding let off the gas but it would go by its self then just wouldnt start i cleaned the carb good 3 times My dad thinks it is the timing chain (silent chain)?
1-2 of 2 Results