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  1. another 4 wheel drive question

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    ok i've been dealing with this since i've bought the quad, but recently it has been getting worse, it's a 2000 scrambler 500 H.O. 4x4 99% of the time when I first start the quad and turn the AWD on it works perfectly both front wheels lock in and spin. However sometimes when shifting from...
  2. "08 Front Gearbox Cross Reference

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi. I"ve been trying to find a cross reference to tell me if I can replace my 1332568 ADC front gearbox with with a non ADC 3235162 gearbox? Or any other that I can find?. Anything that will work really. I live on the prairies so having ADC really isn't too important. If anyone can help out, it...
  3. Differences with 06 Transmision?

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey every one. Does anybody know whats different with the transmission in the 06 Sportmans 800. Ive got mine apart, and debating between rebuilding or replacing. But come to find that the trans in the 06 was ONLY used in the 06 7/800 machines. Does any body know whats different and if a...
  4. 700 Sportsman EFI Knocking from Transmission/Transfer Case?

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    My 700 sportsman makes a loud knocking sound when just before I roll to a stop. It sounds like it is coming from the rear driveshaft area or "transfer case. I took out the drain plug and drained the fluid and noticed that the chain inside looked very loose and had been rubbing the drain plug...