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  1. Phoenix ATV / UTV Club

    The PHOENIX ATV/UTV CLUB is a Phoenix-based ATV / UTV / SxS club established in the Fall of 2018 by a group of individuals and veteran ride leaders who are dedicated to the sport of safe and responsible Off-Highway-Vehicle (OHV) riding in Arizona. The PAUC Club started its operations with the...
  2. Get You and Your Gear Out of the Sun!

    Summer is beating down on us like your mother-in-law did on Target's doors last Black Friday! Not pretty and something's bound to burn. So why not protect yourself from the burning sun and keep your gear safe as well? Get rid of your bulky and hard-to-install UTV roofs. Instead get a...
  3. unsafe, under engineered, over priced

    ATV New Members
    My new $12,000 UTV has been recalled. It is unsafe. The heat shield was improperly engineered and caused fires. Out of the goodness of their hearts Polaris will repair the UTV (I wonder if they volunteered or were afraid of lawsuits???). Unfortunately I had to pay to have the UTV delivered when...
  4. HMF Exhausts on a Polaris RZR XP 1000

    HMF Racing
    The Polaris RZR XP 1000 HMF Dual Full System is available in the 4" Performance and 5" Titan Series. The Dual Full System picks up 4-5 horse power at high RPMs and 2lb of torque at the wheels. The Titan-QS exhaust has an exhaust tone that's quieter than the stock muffler. The exhaust system...
  5. Ricochet Off-Road is a Supporting Vendor!

    Ricochet Off-Road
    PolarisATVForums.com would like to welcome Ricochet Off-Road as our newest Supporting Vendor! Please take a moment to visit their website at the following URL: Ricochet Off-Road | Ricochet Off-Road Armor
  6. Remanufactured Polaris Ranger/Sportsman 700 Crate Engine

    nFLOW Motorsports
    nFlow offers complete remanufactured Polaris Ranger/Sportsman 700 crate engines! Engine are assembled with precision, using stringent operating procedures. Include: New pistons, ring sets, valve train, cam chains, oil pump chain, idler chain, mechanical seal, valve seats, crankshaft, bearings...
  7. ATV / UTV Rally In The Pines

    National ATV Events
    The Rally In The Pines has been extended to a three day event for 2012 and it will be held in Island Park, Idaho on August 24th, 25th and 26th, 2012. Lot’s of new group rides and motorsports activities are being added. The Rally in 2012 will have rides for 50' and under vehicles and rides with...
  8. Any Upcoming 2011 Events in the Southeastern Area?

    ATV Trails
    Hey ... do any of you guys know of any off-road events coming up anytime soon or this year even that might be cool to attend or possibly even take part in? I have an RZR and am looking for events other than race events, since I already have a huge list of those. :) Thanks
  9. great new atv carrier for trucks

    ATV New Members
    Just thought i would try this site to introduce my new carrier, i built this for myself after i broke out my rear truck window, i have a welding shop, so i thought i would make something that would make hauling my bike easier. when people that saw it, wanted one, i decided to give it a try and...