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  1. ATV Media
    Hi, me and my friend were out and riding the other day and filmed some so I tried to do an edit from the videos that I got. So this is my first ATV edit and I need you guys to tell me what I can improve in my filming and editing. Please give rewarding comments! Thanks! :veryhappy:
  2. ATV Media
    A quick little video. First Edit i have ever done, so sorry in advance if its not so good! This was last ride on my 2" Highlifter lift kit as my backwoods armor kit and Gorilla +3 axles will be going on soon! So i figured go out with a bang! Was also my first time out with the New 29.5x11x14...
  3. ATV Media
    Strapped my iPod to the front of the machine... forgive me for it not being a more intense video... It's still being broken in.
  4. ATV Media
    Video From Wreck Crew Team. Facebook.com/Wreck.Crew.Racing
  5. ATV Media
    Hi guys. this is a video me and my friend made for a little fun. i directed and filmed,he rode and looked awesome. please tell us what you think of it! 2005 Predator 500/ Breaking Benjamin: Blow me away - YouTube
  6. Kolpin
    First, thank you everyone for the warm welcome to your forum, and all the feedback and comments thus far have been greatly appreciated! All of us at Kolpin are extremely excited to announce our newest product line which has been specifically designed for Polaris ATV's and the Ranger and RZR...