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  1. ATV New Members
    hey all i just bought two trail bosses that kinda run and 2 for parts for super cheap and i was looking for info on what year they were i know where the 7 digit vin numbers are but on all my other quads theres a mfg date sticker is this not the case with these?? i need the carb to jug boots and...
  2. ATV General Discussion
    I used to go to the perepolaris site and look up vins and see past owner, where purchased and most important it would decode the 7 digit vins which I found usefull as I work on lots of old ones. Just got another unknown oldie in the shop and cant seem to find a decoder for the vin, its 1562592...
  3. ATV General Discussion
    I am wondering how to run the vin# for a 1995 Polaris 300 4X4. The vin for this year model is only 7 numbers. All newer vins are 17 numbers so when I type it in online it tells me that it is invalid. Did this particular year even have a title for it and is there any way that I can run the vin#?
  4. ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hello all, It´s a pleasure to join this community thanks in advance for your time and help. Found a 2006 Outlaw 500 which looks great but not sure if the engine is the original one. I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to run a VIN check on it and confirm Engine Serial Number...
  5. ATV New Members
    I have picked up what I was told was a 86 trail boss 4x4, but I am having a hard time verifying that with what little info I can find. The serial number is different than the ones I have found online that always starts with a "w" my Vin number is 16442373 down on the frame by your left calf...
  6. ATV New Members
    I just bought a 2010 850 XP eps touring le vin:4xadx85a5ba031715 Can some one tell me the when it was made.. Or how can I verify its a 2010 and not an 2011.. It came with a 2011 owners manual and has the analog / digital gauges.. It's graphite black and so far is a ton of fun... Thank you!!
  7. Polaris Sportsman
    I just bought what I believe is a '96 sportsman 400. Have been trying to find the model number with no luck. The VIN number is on a sticker on top of the headlight, but is so faded it can't be read. Is there any other way to determine the model number for ordering parts, etc... ?? The serial...
  8. Polaris Sportsman
    Can anyone decode this VIN# 4XACH50AXXA114966 This is supposed to be a 2001 Sportsman 500HO, but I am having my doubts on the year. The seller said it is a RSE version, but a shop changed out all the plastics to blue. From what I found, it may be a 1999? Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results