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  1. 2010 850 xp problems

    ATV New Members
    Hi guys, I have been reading these post for a while now. I started before I made my mind up to buy a 2010 850 xp eps. I really love the machine. The power and ride are second to none. My problem is the rear end noise/problems. I have had it back to the dealer twice to have it checked out and I...
  2. Extended Warranty vs. Insurance

    Polaris ATV Polls
    Ok, so I know this topic has gone around a few times and everyone has mixed opinions about it. I've read alot of those opinions but I'd like to get a count of who thinks what. My 6 month factory warranty will be running out soon and I'm not sure where to go from here. Whether to buy an...
  3. Extended Warranty Purchase

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I'm wanting to purchase an extended warranty for my '09 Sportsman. I know nothing about them, what a good price is, or where to begin looking for one. Can anyone please help me!