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  1. ATV General Discussion
    i am just curious the bolt grade of the wheel studs
  2. ATV Wheels & Tires
    Bought a Polaris Predator 500 about 2-3 weeks ago. And 2nd ride lost a front tire due to stripped lugnuts.. Bought some new ones and noticed they did the same thing.. Studs seem kind of short.. The wheels on the bike are not stock which I assume is causing the problem not sure what brand the...
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I was trying to replace my wheel studs today for longer ones to accomodate alloy wheels. The original studs didn't leave enough thread for the lug nuts to grab. I was worried about loosing the wheels while riding. Anyway today I pulled a tire, hammered out the old studs and put the new...
1-3 of 3 Results