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  1. Front diff or prop shaft????

    ATV General Discussion
    I seem to be having issues with my front diff AGAIN. Yesterday I was driving in 4wd in the snow and heard some loud knocks from the front end. Right after that my 4wd stopped working. I know that I now have an issue with the front diff but I’m not sure what caused it. My pinion seal is leaking...
  2. 97 Sportsman Handlebar Slack (Tie Rod Ends)

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    [Video] 97 Sportsman Handlebar Slack (Tie Rod Ends) 97 Sportsman 500 with TERRIBLE wobble coming from somewhere. This happens at very low speeds (3-5mph!!!). Most noticeable on pavement or hard surface. Wheel bearings good, bushings good, hubs engaging/disengaging, cv's and u-joints good...