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won't idle

  1. 2008 Sportsman 500 H.O efi won't stay running

    ATV New Members
    The bike will start and run for maybe 2 seconds then will shut off or bog out when giving it gas. I tryed adjusting the throttle cable and its fine just don't know where to turn to next. Bout ready to get rid of the bike costing way to much money. All ready had to replace the battery, starter...
  2. 500 HO won't idle

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey, new member here so I apologize for any issues before hand. Before I start please let me state that I did a search of the forums and have read countless post over the last week or so while I have dealt with this issue. I am now at my whit’s end and about ready to give up and take it to the...
  3. new member from the bush

    ATV New Members
    i'm a new member from iliamna, ak. i have a 2009 sportsman 500 EFI. currently it's not running. i need someone to help me figure out why. recently rebuilt motor after lubrication issues. everything ran fine till the bike got hot and shut itself down. pulled the top end off to make sure no...