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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I got a 2006 Polaris predator 500 and it was amazing never really had to do anything to it, just oil changes and put gas in it, but now the cold as came in and it won’t start, it’s getting Gas and spark, the carb is not clogged and I just did the oil and filter on top of a new air filter, I...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    this is my first post I recently bought a 99 sportsman 335 and it’s my first 4 wheeler so i’m still learning. the 4 wheeler had been sitting in a barn for at least a year and a half and the guy who owned it before me took it to a shop and they couldn’t figure it out so he just parked it in the...
  3. ATV New Members
    Ok so I have an older Polaris 400 2x4 that I have had for a couple weeks that was running perfectly fine. The only known problem I seen while it was running was it would slow drip leak gas from the overflow while parked. After riding it for a couple hours I had ran it completely out of gas...
1-3 of 3 Results