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  1. Replacement fuel pump for XP 550 and 850

    Polaris XP
    My 2011 850 x2 (xp chassis) is beginning to show signs of fuel pump problems. This has just started - I have 2,600 miles on it. Does anyone know the proper part number to buy a car fuel pump to substitute/replace the xp fuel pump? Also... the part number for the Pressure Regulator thanks !
  2. 2011 550XP won't idle runs rough after a couple minutes

    Polaris XP
    I have a problem where after I start xp it runs great for 2 mins then it will stall or if I hold throttle it will stay running but will be very rough. I will shut er down, wait a minute then restart and it will run good again for a couple minutes. I adjusted throttle gap and it was fine.You...