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  1. Noob Question; Tire removal

    ATV Wheels & Tires
    Alright, so when I bought my ATV from the previous owners, the tires were all flat, and it had sat that way for about a year without moving, so the tires are cracked and 2 or 3 wont hold air. I've been working for about a week now trying to get the current tires off the rim, and I've done...
  2. 1996 Xpress 300 Starting Issues

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    First off, thanks for having me on the forum, and taking your time to read this post, in advance Yesterday, I picked up a 96 (manufacture date) xpress 300. After sitting, for God knows how long, underneath a tarp in the previous owners yard, I rescued it for $500. I was told the person who had...
  3. '97 Xpress 300...opinions, info, yada yada?

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hey, guys, Me and my dad are pondering the idea of getting an Xpress 300, and I'm trying to do a little research. I was hoping I could ask what are the more common issues to be aware of, and 2) what other info we might need to know before even looking. We both have a pretty good mechanical...