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  1. Sportsman 570 Suggestions

    ATV Wheels & Tires
    Looking to get some shoes for the 570, upping to 27" or 28" will be buying new rims. Here is where the dilemna starts... Not sure wether to buy 12" or 14" rims. What are the pros/cons of each? As for tires, I'm torn between the Maxxis Zilla, Interco Swamp Lite, and of course OL2's. I ride...
  2. Zilla's or OL2's

    Polaris Sportsman 570
    Torn between Maxxis Zilla and Outlaw 2's for my 570. Anywhere from 27" to 30" going to be buying new rims as well, should I go 14" or 12" id like to hear your opinions. I ride trails with quite a few mud patches, logs and rocks. Between trails is somewhat high speed open dirt roads. I still like...