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hello all,
new to the forum and trying to find out how to fix my 90 sportsman for my son. i cannot seem to get any spark to the plug at all. i have a new coil, battery, and new stator on the way. should be here monday. is there anywhere to check if the stator is making power? where do i check for it? if the cdi is any good? if not, where can i get one to replace the stock one?
i have the bike torn down in my garage and cannot seem to get any spark no matter what i try.
any and all help would be much appreciated

thank you

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Before you replace everything check the safety switch on the handle bars.The 2 wires coming from the switch connect to the harness right under the front plastic,pull them apart and connect the wires on the harness together with a jumper wire and see if you have spark.I bought a fixer upper and the switch was bad.

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first of all, thank you all for the replies.
i have checked the two safety switches that i know of.
the one for the safety tether and the one for the brake handle.
i believe those are the two.
although it still turns over with the safety from the safety tether disconnected.
it does not turn over with the brake cable switch disconnected.
i'm going bananas and can't find where the problem is

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Engine Turns Over But Fails to Start
 No fuel
 Dirt in fuel line or filter
 Fuel will not pass through fuel valve
 Fuel pump inoperative/restricted
 Tank vent plugged
 Carb starter circuit
 Engine flooded
 Low compression (high cylinder leakage)
 No spark (Spark plug fouled)

No Spark, Weak or Intermittent Spark
Spark plug gap incorrect
Fouled spark plug
Faulty spark plug cap or poor connection to high tension lead
Related wiring loose, disconnected, shorted, or corroded
Engine Stop switch or ignition switch faulty
ETC switch misadjusted or faulty
Terminal board or connections wet, corroded
Poor ignition coil ground (e.g. coil mount loose or corroded)
Faulty stator (measure resistance of all ignition related windings)
Incorrect wiring (inspect color coding in connectors etc)
Faulty ignition coil winding (measure resistance of primary and secondary)
Worn magneto (RH) end Crankshaft bearings
Sheared flywheel key
Flywheel loose or damaged
Excessive crankshaft runout on magneto (RH) end - should not exceed .0024″
Faulty CDI module
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