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Hello all,
New member here, new to Polaris and new to me quad. I posted this on another page, I think I'll get some more attention here.

I just picked up a 04 700 EFI. It needs the typical bearings and steering parts, but there's an issue that I'm stumped on even after reading multiple posts on the subject. On the gauge when I turn it on it reads E for the gear selection, seems like a common problem. I can't access the diagnostic mode or anything settings related. I'm aware that the problem is either the rotary switch or the resister module. I have to locate my multimeter to test the values of the resistor, I have the resistor values, but what is puzzling me is that there's the 5 wires for the corresponding gear resistance, but the sixth wire has nothing coming from the dash as well as the 6 pin plug at the rotary switch. Does anyone know what voltage that wire carries or maybe its a ground? Logic is telling me that something has to be there for the resistor to work against or maybe I'm off the rails with that? I have checked the continuity of the brown wire from the gauge. I think I'm into more expense than I assumed with this one, but I bought it right and have some room to play with.

Thanks in advance.
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