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04 Polaris pred 50

Ran fine.. Put away for 2days.. Went to restart and no power..

Checked battey.... 12.7
Checked glass fuse by battery with volt meter... Good

With key on... No power to rear brake light.... No horn.. No starter noise..

Checked power at starter relay.. Jumped red wires across that plug into relay and starter spins..

Checked ohms across rear kill switch and checked fine.. Even wired direct still no

Horn was working last time it was running ....Shouldn't horn work as long as the key switch is turned on.???

I'm lost and confused where or what to check next...
Where does main power go 1st.? To switch or CDI box
Need a starting point to trace power... Or how to check switch or CDI box..

We have snow in Northern Indiana and my daughter wants to play in the drive.!! Please help..!! Lol

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