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i got this atv about two weeks ago played with it and played with it chked comp fine checked coil relays cdi all fine well a buddy said it was prolly breake safety swtch well ran a jumper and bam it started right up and the switch where the horn and all that started working none of that had worked either well we rode it for about and hr and put it away for the day came back the next day and same problem starter switch isnt working horn or nothing and no fire once again safety switch is still by passed {brake safety switch} id realy love to see this atv up and running today any help would be nice thanks

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Engine Turns Over But Fails to Start
G No fuel
G Dirt in fuel line or filter
G Fuel will not pass through fuel valve
G Tank vent plugged or pinched
G Carb starter circuit plugged
G Engine flooded
G Low compression (high cylinder
G No spark (Spark plug fouled)
ignition component failure
G Safety switches malfunctioning
(Ignition, Kill, Brake--to--start)
G Electrical malfunction

Engine Does Not Turn Over
G Dead battery
G Starter motor does not turn
G Engine seized, rusted, or
mechanical failure
G Safety switches malfunctioning
(Ignition, Kill, Brake--to--start)

No Spark, Weak or Intermittent Spark
G Spark plug gap incorrect
G Fouled spark plug
G Faulty spark plug cap or poor
connection to high tension lead
G Related wiring loose, disconnected,
shorted, or corroded
G Engine Stop switch or ignition switch
G ETC switch misadjusted or faulty
G Poor ignition coil ground (e.g. coil
mount loose or corroded)
G Faulty stator (measure resistance of
all ignition related windings)
G Incorrect wiring (inspect color coding
in connectors etc)
G Faulty ignition coil winding (measure
resistance of primary and secondary)
G Worn magneto (RH) end Crankshaft
G Sheared flywheel key
G Flywheel loose or damaged
G Excessive crankshaft runout on
magneto (RH) end should not exceed
G Faulty CDI module
G Ground circuits are corroded or
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