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05 700efi electrical issue sitting duck.

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Hello everyone. I am having issues with my quad. 05 700 twin efi. I was using the winch one afternoon and the battery light flashed on the gauge. So I stopped using winch. Revved up a lil bit and then died. No power. Battery tested good. Stripped down and inspected wires etc. my fuse block on far left 20a fuse has no power on either side. Kill switch is on run position. I have one hot wire at ignition switch nothing else works. Got new switch and key and still same thing. If I jumper wire the one side of that fuse slot everything lights up etc. is this an issue that has happened to someone else. I'm at my whitts end. Been reading all sorts of stuff on here and havnt found anything that helped. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Some guys have found the wire connections under the fuse block to be corroded and bad when having issues similar to yours.
Looking at the wiring diagram , there should be a fusible link located on the starter solenoid battery terminal that feeds the fuse block . Look for a black wire from the solenoid that goes into a fusible link with a red wire on the other side of the link going up to the fuse block .
I have power at all other fuse locations except the one on the far left side as your on the seat. I don't see any bad wires. Didn't get a chance to look for the link. Will post tomorrow afternoon when done with work.
Ok checked all fusible links and got power on both sides of all 3. Is there a site etc that I can see the wiring diagram. Here is one for ya. When the kill switch is in the off position does it make it to where when u turn the key to the on position nothing lights up. Just wondering. I have one hot wire at the switch new one and old one no change. I'm guessing the fuse that is dead (far left as u are on seat) gets its power from key switch?
Fuse on the far left , 20 amp , is fed from the fusible link at the starter solenoid , it's for acc. power . The fuse next to it , 20 amp , second from left is for chassis power , this is the one you need to trace out .
Yellow wire from it should be 12 volts to the key switch , when you turn the key to on position you should have 12 volts going out on the red/black wire .
So I traced wires cleaned connections etc. my buddy came over and he is like hey clean this wire on the solenoid so as I was taking the but off I arced my ratchet on my ring which hit the clutch and bang lol. Then put the connections back on and we traded wires up to kill switch. Cleaned those wires and connectors. Then after a few beers lol. We were messing with wires again and he messed with the kill switch. It worked. He thought we could clean te kill switch which the whole inside was corroded and well parts went flying. So ordered a new kill switch.
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