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05' 800 Sportsman--Rear CV Question

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Ok, I have read many of the threads about CV problems, specifically clicking noise. I have the same problem, and I hear it when I am going slow (starting to move), in reverse or forward, and it only happens when turning to the right. THe noise appears to be from the right rear. My questions:
1. How do you tell if it is the inner or outer without removing and looking for cracks, etc.?
2. Once it is determined which area (inner or outer) is clicking, is it recommended to remove the boot and re-grease if needed, rather than replace?
3. If replacing, should I replace the entire axle on one side, should I replace both sides?
4. ANy other work that should be completed while I am replacing the cv? Bearings, etc.?
5. If replacing, should I get OEM or aftermarket axle? If aftermarket, any recommendations from ebay or other sites? I have seen a huge price difference in axles, and wouldnt want to make a bad purchase just to save a few dollars.
6. Last question...promise.....Service manuals are everywhere. I downloaded a free manual last night. Is the Clymer or Haynes manuals any more specific on repair instructions? Better pictures? More specific? If so, anyone have a better idea than spending $40 for the manual?

A little information that might help you with the above questions.....I do not ride hard. This is primarily for a hunting camp with trails to stands. Some adverse terrain, but nothing that would make the adventurer or weekend trail rider smile. Other than the hunting camp, it is ridden in the subdivision by me and kids on paved roads.
I consider myself capable of making repairs, but I am not an ATV mechanic. I do not like to pay $90/hour for a mechanic to perform something that I could accomplish with a few bruised/scraped knuckles. ANy recommendations on performing this myself.....or should I take to a mechanic?

THanks for your help!!
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Welcome to the board!:cowboy:
jkack it up and get all 4 off the ground and run it to find the clicking, clicking is usually cause cv joint is bad, Ive seen them click a long time before they fail, you can get a complete axle from the cv man on e-bay cheaper than you can buy the cv joint from polaris, Ive had good luck dealing with them The Polaris manual is better than the others if your handy with a wrench you can do it with a manual for guidance
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