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I just got my son a 2005 50 to began to teach him to ride. The bike seems in good shape though I am noticing one odd issue.

When I turn the key it seems like it intermittently will start. Its not a battery issue or even a starter...seems electrical.

Sometimes it works jsut fine. I have noticed that when it doesn't work the tail light doesnt come on at all.

I can do nothing more then wait a few mins then it starts up and the tail light is on.

I have also noticed that if this model has a safety where the brake has to be engaged in order for it to start, that doesn't work. This can be started without the brake being on.

Also it runs fine, and kick starts even when the key is on but the starter doesnt work. Also in those cases the bike will run but the tail light isn't on.

Very intermittent...

Have already replaced the battery thinking that was it...it was not.

Any ideas?
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