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I recently picked up an 05 700 efi that was rolled and caught up in a legal matter and sat in a garage for 3 years untouched. Nothing added to the fuel or anything. Started out with the initial oil change and new the fuel system would need some work. Took the gas tank off and it was almost syrupy brown crap in there. Took the fuel pump assembly out and everything was rusted, gummy, etc.

Had a buddy with a spare tank, pump assembly laying around from an 06 550 efi so went and got that. Blew air through the fuel filter (have one on order but was trying to get this going for a weekend hunt) and what came out wasn't too off colored and air blew through fine so figured I would try it (I know not the best idea). Clean the rail and injectors.

Changed spark plugs with new ones and Put everything together and the atv now fires right up. But I have worked on carburetors forever and very little experience with fuel injection. So here is my problem:

1. When sitting in neutral it idles fine and sounds good. When you give it throttle there is a hesitation but will throttle up as high as you want. This is with or without airfilter.

2. When riding it, forward or reverse, there is major hesitation as soon as you start giving it gas. When you get it on the rode you can get it opened up and it will run great at over half throttle, hauls ass, nice and smooth, sounds great. I tried pulling another atv around with it and it was nearly impossible, took forever. It doesn't die, just hesitates and doesnt want to go.

I have read some things about the TPS wiring harness and will check that tomorrow but not sure that is quite the issue I am having. I know I need a new fuel filter. I also noticed the fuel tank I got from my buddy did not have a regulator on it. It was just a hose going from the fuel pump to the output of the tank. Could this be the problem? I think maybe it could be but wouldn't think it would idle it pressure was too high or wouldn't run great wide open if pressure was to low.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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