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05 Sportsman 700 twin EFI

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Hey everyone, I’ve been following the site for awhile mainly old Polaris tech and trying to self diagnose my ATV. Installed new Tbap harness from OTB.
Anyway, I’ve been having this issue with my ATV for a little while and I’m having a hard time figuring out what it could be. My idling rpm is excellent I don’t have any issue or sounding lik it’s going to die out but it’s never stalled out either. Around 1100-1200 rpm to be exact. But when I press on the throttle it makes this ugly sound like it’s either not getting enough fuel or it’s getting to much. or something. Like I said above I replaced the T-Bap from OTB and it cleared my 41,45 codes up. Still the same problem. When I take the air box off it still runs like that even having the throttle body boot off. (TB boot was cracked as to why I took it off to see if that was the case.) I ordered new plugs and fuel injectors for it so if that fixes it I’m hoping it does I’ll update this thread.

Also, when I get everything out back together I will update it with fuel pressure.
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It needs to have the airbox on and no leaks on the boot , get a new boot if it has cracks / leaks .
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