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06 Predator battery problem

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I have an 06 troy Lee 500 and my battery will not charge. the battery is burnt out after 4 hours of riding. I have a new rectifier and sent stator to have it rebuilt and the company I sent it to said stator was fine. Took quad to a local repair shop and they told me what i already knew that stator and rectifier are fine. What else will kill my battery to the point it needs to be replaced every time I ride? Also how does one check this. It comes from rectifier and goes to battery, my guess it that it takes the dc power from rectifier and goes to the battery to charge. Could this be bad?

thank you


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You have an 06 Sportsman or Predator? The Troy Lee thing is just a label. If you are unsure of the model, what's the VIN and I will determine the model from that.
If the stator and rectifier are fine then there is no problem - you need to find a qualified mechanic to check the charging system.

You say the batteries are burning up - what is the indication that the battery melted down?
The battery dies after 4 hours of riding, and will not charge after riding. Battery is totally dead. Have taken quad to a shop and they found nothing wrong with stator or rectifier. I was asking if there is a way to check the connectors from Rectifier to battery. I posted pics of them.

Thank you
The connectors are not the problem - I'll go out on a limb and suggest the rec/reg is faulty and over charging the battery, but another possibility is the stator has a grounded winding and it's is putting AC to the battery and AC is killing the battery. Have the charging system checked by a qualified technician.
I have had the stator and rectifier checked at a shop and they found nothing wrong with them. So what else will kill the battery?
Not sure what you mean by that.
If you want to destroy a battery. freeze it - a fully charged battery (13.2 volts)may not freeze until below -90 degrees F), but a battery that is at 12.5 volts may freeze -40 and a battery at 11.5 volts may freeze at 0 degrees.

Freezing the electrolyte distorts the lead grids, bulges the case and breaks the antimony the grids are coated with.
Well it never gets below 30 degrees here in the winter. The heat here will kill battery's but that is not my problem. Could the wire harness be bad?
Yes, the wiring harness could be bad, but it can be tested.
What would be need to test? Add how does one test this? I have a Clymer book on this quad and can not seem to find what the specs are on that connector .

Thank you for your help.


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Test on that connector is 12v between the red battery wires and the brown ground wires
So any reading less than that would it mean the connector is bad?

Thank you again.
So any reading less than that would it mean the connector is bad?

Thank you again.
No - that does not mean the connector is bad - it could mean the wires or battery is bad.
Well I know the battery is ok because it is new.
So how was the battery activated prior to installation? Just because it's new does not mean it's good, Do you know why new products come with a warranty?
Well it my 3rd battery in 2 months.
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