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Hi folks,

Today was bittersweet for me. Bitter because my rear diff started making a lot of noise (chatter) and then clunking, quickly followed by a non existed rear drive. Sweet because we were heading back to camp to pack up after our 3 day trip and I was able to limp it back and on to the trailer using AWD (or FWD :rotflmao:).

I haven't pulled the rear diff yet, but I'm planning for the worse (gear replacement). I've tried looking but I can't find any upgrades or beefier parts. I ride harder than the average trail queen and am looking to make the drivetrain more stout (I've got 28x12.5 outlaws). I do most of my riding in 2WD and only engage AWD when I need it (theory being to safe wear and tear on parts), but perhaps I should use AWD more often?

Thanks in advance for the info!
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