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Thank You for any help or suggestions.

I apologize for this being long but I am trying to give as much info as possible.

I went out riding with some friends in some mud and some trails, at the end of the day right before we went back to the trailers my machine shut off.

I put it in neutral turned the key and it started right back up. drove it about a mile back the trailer loaded it up.

Drove the 45 minutes home it started to get it off the trailer and into the garage Saturday night.

Sunday it sat all day due to family commitments.

Monday I washed it, after washing it, I now have no spark to the spark plug. the starter cranks. I replaced the spark plug because it was time for that anyway.

I have checked any electrical connection that i can find on the machine. I am beginning to thinking solenoid went bad from the mud and water.

I am out of ideas. I am checking things with a volt meter.
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