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08 Sportsman 800 Remove Engine

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I have to figure out why engine is smoking so much. Just replaced head gasket because of antifreeze in oil....not it smokes like a 2 stroke. Its oil in the exhaust this time. Plus there is pressure in the crank! Oil blowing out of dip stick.
What do ya think it is? And do you think I should just remove the engine and work on it on the bench? It doesn't look too bad to remove the engine.
Any suggestions?
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I would remove it if you can. Always way easier to work on at a bench than on your knees on the floor.
You can rering it pretty easy while it is still on the frame. Will be quicker having not to remove it. A buddy of mines was smoking real bad one time, be pulled the plug and filled it up with pb blaster, let it set a few days, turned the engine over several times to blow out the excess, changed the oil replaced the plugs, after it ran for about 20 minutes the ringed sealed up and it ran real good for a year or so before having to go into it
Valve WHITE 800 sportsman 2008

So I replaced the head gasket after water in the oil...antifreeze...a lot!
so It ran fine but after it warmed up, smoked like crazy. And, a little antifreeze in oil. Just a little foamy.
But look at this exhaust valve! What would make it look White? I need hepl! Got 8inches of snow on the way:aargh4::aargh4:

Inside the cylinders look great. Pistons look fine. No wear at all. Only 65 hours..1000 miles....


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