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I know this topic has been posted before, but here goes again.
I got a 09 550xp, friend and uncle told me thats all the power i needed, but 5 yrs later, now wish i gotten the 850xp, but oh well thats to late now.

When we ride we Look for mud...but not exclusively, sometimes its just to cold to get wet. but axle deep to top of the tire deep is mainly what we look for ,but sometimes fender deep muddy water cant be helped and its fun as hell getting through it...even if you have to winch out of it.

So my machine is pretty much stock. i have got a uni filter on it, i put super dave's a-arm bushings all around. Did ball joints and numerous brake jobs. I have ordered high lifter springs to go on my stock shocks. i been doing all the work on my machine myself.

I have 26" gbc sparticus tires and their pretty good for most things we do, but they are 8 ply tires and are pretty heavy.
I want to put on STI mudd traxx 27in, so i plan on clutching it and a new belt.
Which clutch kit? which belt? any suggestions ? been looking at epi clutch kits

I want to put on an exhaust on(slip-on or maybe full) It still looks like big gun is the only full exhaust i can find. any sugestions?
And i'm sure i'll need a tuner. any sugestions on a tuner ?

So with the added power can the 550 drive train handle it ? is the 550 the same as a 850 ,just with a smaller engine ?

Anything Else that can be done to the 550xp other than exhaust and clutching ?

Thanks for any advice
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