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Hi All,

I've rebuilt my 95 Xplorer and its running great... except, while out in the recent snow storms in the Northeast, twice I've had a problem were, after riding for a few hours (and everything working great), I began to have throttle problems. The throttle would either be at idle (when not pressing the throttle) or with the slightest touch it would go to max RPMs. This happened twice.

The first time, the machine would not shut off when I turned the key or the kill switch. I tore the front apart and found the black wire from the CDI unit had fallen off the connector on the connector panel. I replaced it, started it, and everything ran beautifully. No problems.

I went out again the next day, the machine ran great for about two hours and then I had the same throttle problem. However, this time, the key and kill switch worked. I tore it apart today and all the wires were connected. I started it and it ran fine.

I think the CDI black wire which caused the engine not to stop is something different from the high, uncontrollable, RPM issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts or has had the same experience? You help is greatly appreciated!!!

Warmest Winter Regards
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