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1997 sportsman 400L carb issues/want to eliminate oil pump

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I am currently rebuilding my 1997 sportsman 400L. When i was doing the top end i noticed some indications of overheating(i assume due to improper lubrication from the oil pump), and was wondering what the procedure is to eliminate the oil pump system all together and just mix the gas myself. I wasnt sure if the pump supplies lubrication anywhere else on the bike, and dont want to cause myself any problems. My other concern is that instead of the oil going directly to the carburetor from the pump, it pumps to the reeds(after the carb). I did the basic carburetor rebuild, but was concerned that by premixing my gas, i would have to change the jetting to accommodate for the change of normally running straight gas through the carb, to running mixed gas through the carb. Im not much of a mechanic, so im kind of lost on this and have come to a bit of a standstill. Any help at all is greatly appreciated ahead of time by me as well as my fiance( who would love to have her garage space back!). By the way, the current mix ratio i was told to run was 32:1, does this seem right? Thanks again and have a great day.
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