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1999 Recoil installed on '12 500HO

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Installed for more than 6 months. No water intrusion.
Stripped down, baked, and walnut shell blasted the housing.
I installed these new parts;
drain and timing plug crush washers
starter bushing
rope & molded handle
hair thin pawl return spring
plastic spool bushing

The housing to block gasket is needed to keep the starter Bendix from bottoming in the recoil housing. You may be able to use it without a gasket but my Bendix bound up against the bottom of the starter bushing hole in the housing. A gasket also keeps it dry so, if you don't use a gasket, you'll need RTV or something close to it.
The gasket, one-piece handle/rope, and the crush washers on the drain and timing plugs keep water out of the housing. I wipe a little grease on the nipple and in the handle when I grease the A arms so it seals well on the nipple. I typically hear a pressure equalizing whoosh when I pull the handle off the nipple.

I lightly greased the spool bushing, clockspring, and the engagement pawl parts.
The top housing in the picture is from a 1998 Magnum 330 (according to the eBay copy). That'd be a Polaris 3087054 recoil assembly.
The bottom housing in the picture is the stock cover with the unmachined rope and drain plug bosses at the same positions you'd find them on a Polaris 3090085 recoil assembly.

Yes no powder coat... being lazy.

The nipple on the 3087054 & 3085856 is clocked more toward the top than the 3090085.
The 3085856 is canted out away from the engine as well as clocked toward the top. Only pics I have of that one are installed... It keeps my hand further away from the sharp edge of the exhaust shield but I'm still careful.
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Lots more info in this thread.

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Another nice job! Will one off any year work?
Wow,....I was under the understanding that this would not work due to ignition system differences. That is awesome.......saome days I wish I had bought a 500 vs a 550.
Any year 400 or 500 recoil cover should work... Not sure on the other Fuji 4 stroke motors... Maybe... If the bolt pattern matches. Check the gasket part number for your donor on Cheapcycleparts or Babbits or...
EDIT-- 1995-2007 330, 400, & 500 4 stroke covers should work. I'd lean toward the 1995-1999 330, 400, & 500 4 stroke covers for better rope position though.

Pay attention to the rope nipple clocking and where the clocking will place the handle. Handle placement is personal preference. I like it as far away from that sharp sheet metal as possible.

The non recoil cover casting has the un-machined bosses for installing the recoil parts and the spool fits without any lathe work. I may give some home machining a whirl this winter to see if it can be done with just drills and taps.

She lights right off with a low battery...
The housing to block gasket is needed to keep the starter Bendix from bottoming in the recoil housing. It also keeps it dry. of

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So are u saying that if u dont have that gasket it wont work.

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The Bendix might bottom in the housing. Mine did. If it doesn't bottom you still need to be sure the perimiter of the cover is sealed without squooshing RTV all over...

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If others use your machine... the Polaris Part # 7172562 warning sticker on the step plastic is a nice touch.
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