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Hi all,

I'm going tonight to look at purchasing a 2000 Polaris Mangum 325 4x4 that looks to be in excellent condition. Either this thing was babied or hardly used, or just very well maintained and garage kept. A small local ATV shop has it marked at $2500 and I was able to get him down a bit on the price given the fact that it is 21 years old, but by the pictures, it really looks to be in great condition and I was surprised to learn it is a 2000 because of the body/plastics/frame condition shown in the pics. The owner has stated there are no issues with it and that it has recently had a new battery, new tires front & rear, new LED lights front & rear, and new storage racks front and rear for convenience (set up for hunting season). I ended up selling my dirt bike to buy a fourwheeler so I had something to ride around on with my 2yr old son, and this seems to be the best deal for my budget and given the fact that he promises no issues (which we'll find out tonight!). Plus everywhere I read online says these things are built like tanks.

My questions for everyone are:
What's your review/thoughts on a 2000 polaris magnum 325 4x4? My father in law owns an 05 330 2x4 and the whole family enjoys riding it, so I figured this might be a good route considering I've ridden and enjoyed a fairly newer model of the same.
Also, do you know where I can find a free manual to download online as far as an owners or service manual? I've always been able to find them easily for dirt bikes, but this one is escaping me online unless I pay a fee - I wanted to read up before I buy this thing tonight, so don't really want to pay for one before I go and look at the 325. Are there any known issues with these magnums? I've read online but mostly just read about the 2003 recall for the leaking oil clamps/lines....haven't found much else.

And my final question: how should I go about looking this thing over when I get there tonight? It will be around 6pm so not too dark, and he has it in a garage bay so I'll have plenty of light to check things over. When I start it, how long should I let it idle for before taking it out for a spin? I'm hoping that any issues it may have will present themselves during this test ride just to avoid any surprises. So how long should I let it idle/warm up, and what specific things can I do to check it out to make sure there aren't any major problems? This would be my first fourwheeler, I've only ever owned dirt bikes and even still have always had someone else with me to check them out alongside me.

Thank you everyone! I'll be back to share pictures of it if I end up buying it tonight. I'm really hoping it's in as good of condition as the gentleman says and as it looks in the pictures!

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Missed this post last night - the 325 is air cooled a 3 minute warm up is adequate - there were two versions, the 2x4 and 4x4 - I have the factory service manual in PDF that I can email - you can get a universal owners manual from Polaris here Polaris Owners Manual

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I am a new owner of a 2005 magnum 330 and do not have a bunch of experience but here goes, for what it is worth.

Look at front wheels and make sure lean is the same on both.
In neutral push back and forward. Listen for strange noises.
Look in air box under seat for oil. Could be engine problem.
Make sure brakes work Both Hand grip and foot petal.
Engine should be idle at 1300 rpm.
Rear light on and brighter when hand brake applied?
OEM oil filter? Third party can be problem, I am told.
Rear springs and shocks good?
Does he have title or just offering a bill of sale?
Engine speed constant when turning handlebars?
Last time fluids changed?

Good luck and enjoy!
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