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2000 Polaris Expedition Shifting Issue

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My polaris has a foot shifter on the left side. It gets jammed between gears. This can happen while riding or at idle. Any ideas what it can be.
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I recently bought an Xpedition for cheap because it did not shift. Currently I have the clutches off and the shift shaft out. I can move the shift cam from neutral to first by hand, but when the shift shaft is on I cannot get it to shift at all. Any chance something on the reverse side of the trans is holding this up, or is it time to slip the case and inspect the drum and shifting forks?.... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
It's a 425, I was hoping to get lucky with an easy fix, but the market has changed a lot since '14 when I owned my last Xpedition. Always wanted to build one with the 500 top end, but maybe ill just look for a Magnum 500 H.O. instead. Thanks for the input!
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