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2000 Polaris Expedition Shifting Issue

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My polaris has a foot shifter on the left side. It gets jammed between gears. This can happen while riding or at idle. Any ideas what it can be.
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It's more similar to a motorcycle engine - whether it's a 325 or 425 is not an issue - they used the same configuration in the transmission. See depictions - more text below




The problem is more likely in the shifter than the transmission, but could ultimately be in the transmission - the problem is if it is anything other than a binding shift shaft or a problem with the manual clutch release, it will require complete engine disassembly to repair, but whatever it is, it will require partial engine disassembly (removal of the clutch cover) - the first thing to do is inspect the external part of shift shaft to see if it might be something to do with movement of the shift lever - get the rear wheels off the ground, leave the engine off and while turning the rear wheels gently, move the shift lever by hand - when pushed down it should 'click' into gear and when you let off the lever it should spring back to the center - mark the case where the foot end of the lever stops (neutral position) - when pulled up (still turning the wheels) it should shift into the next gear and when released return to the same neutral position it stopped at when shifted down - if it does not return to the same position, it could be a binding or spring problem - if it sticks at the up position it's a binding problem, if it falls to the down position from the up position, it's a broken return spring.

I hope this helps
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They were correct - the same oil is used to lubricate the engine, transmission and clutches - need to use a JASO rated oil - JASO oils are formulated to lube the tranny and not harm the clutches - oils with a API rating of SJ or higher should not be used - oils with friction modifiers (molybdenum) should not be used - mineral, synthetic or blend is fine as long as it is API rated SH or lower or JASO rated MA or MA2
The adjuster screw beside the shifter is the manual clutch release adjustment - the manual clutch is operated by the shift lever to ease shifting by novice riders (no coordination or skill required) - if you practice, you will find that you can control the clutch with the shift lever. If you operate the lever up or down gently, you can release the clutch without changing gears. This can be useful when negotiating hills and mud. By becoming proficient with this, you can keep the engine speed constant and control the power application to the rear wheels instead of modulating engine speed to control power to the rear wheels. Utilizing this feature, you can reduce oil temperature and decrease wear on the centrifugal clutch parts.
This what I am trying to explain - the foot shifter operates the clutch ahead of the shifting function - so it does have more travel than hand operated clutch manual transmission. You have to release the clutch with the gear shift prior to the shift taking place. If you play with it you see that you can release the clutch without shifting by applying pressure to the shift lever.
Yep - normal characteristic of the semi-automatic clutch set-up.

You could shorten the shift lever, but that will increase the amount of pressure necessary to facilitate the shift which could cause fatigue.
Does anyone know if there's a place selling replacement shift shaft parts for these 425 Xpeditions? It's a 2000 model. Thanks
Nope - need used parts or to get them custom machined at a machine fab shop (if it's worth fixing).


facebook marketplace

Look for a 2000 to 2002 Xpedition 325 or 425 - they used the same shifter parts.

The springs are still available - part 3086309
Break it down and sell it for parts - there are no replacement parts available for it through Polaris or any other manufacturer - if you can find a second one for parts, you might have a chance to have enough parts to fix it - also you did not say if it was a 325 or 425 model - all the parts are different between them - no engine parts from one will fit the other.
The spring is supposed to be spread apart and sets over the return spring pin identified by 14-14 ft. lbs.

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#8 in the parts break down - you have to remove the clutch to see it

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I used the info for the 2001 Xpedition 425

Here's the way it should be installed on yours
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